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Sixth Concept Studio was born of the need to create. Founded by decades of immersion in various arts, Lily Tobon founded sixth concept studio as the beginning of her own creation story of becoming an artist.  She began creating large scale pieces available to the public in 2016.


Self-taught abstract expressionist, Lily Tobon’s works are wildly vibrant and transformative expositions pertaining to self-reflection.  Born in Medellin, Colombia, Lily’s artwork has an ebb and flow similar to the undulating terrain in which Medellin sits nestled within.  Drawing from her inspirations: Matisse, Kline, Twombly and Pollock, Tobon’s canvases have their touches sprinkled throughout, yet are completely reimagined.  

Lily’s approach is a conceptual elucidation spurred by an excerpt from a book, a lyric in a song that flutters about or from a thought that arises from her deep meditations.  Colors suddenly explode onto her canvas, finding their way towards each other.  Layers are achieved using palette knives, charcoals and various other techniques that pull together the construct, invariably welding together an idea that becomes its own living and breathing thing.   


The aesthetic is rebellious, unmitigated yet adhering to truth of self and carries a uniqueness that makes each piece its own moment.  A juxtaposition between the nihilistic ideologies associated with the style and a deep spiritual self-awareness, Lily’s works are refreshingly symbiotic caricatures for wildly differentiating emotions.  

A former student at the Germain School of Photography in New York and a house music enthusiast, Lily is a new voice with a wonderfully abstract approach to expression. 



corporate design drone by day

dremel cutting water cooler fish tank maker by night

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